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ancientcitadel: (WDYTYA AU)

Ancient Citadel

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Created on 2009-04-14 11:20:27 (#57734), last updated 2014-12-08 (137 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 18
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
I needed a journal for tracking fanfic. This is it.

Interests (125):

a-team, ace, adam baldwin, adam hills, adam rodriguez, afl, alexx woods, ancients, animal, atlantis, australian tv, barbara wright, beeker, brigadier lethbridge-stewart, btvs, calleigh duquesne, callum keith rennie, captain awesome, captain jack harkness, chuck, chuck bartowski, city homicide, cold chisel, criminal minds, crossover fic, crossovers, csi miami, csi: miami, david caruso, david eddings, david hewlett, david nykl, diefenbaker, doctor who, donna noble, dr who, dr. teeth, dr. zelenka, dresden files, due south, ellery queen, emily procter, enough rope, eric delko, fairy tales, fantasy, folklore, georgette heyer, harry sullivan, highlander, horatio caine, house: md, hugo weaving, ian chesterton, jamie mccrimmon, jimmy barnes, john casey, kath & kim, kath and kim, kathryn janeway, khandi alexander, killing heidi, lano & woodley, law & order, law & order ci, law & order svu, leela, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, magnificent seven, major john casey, martha jones, mckay, mel bush, methos, mickey smith, morgan pace, muppet babies, ncis, nerd herd, new tricks, numb3rs, police rescue, radek zelenka, ray kowalski, recs, rizzo, rodney mckay, romana, rowlf, sarah jane smith, sentinel, sergeant benton, sg-1, spicks & specks, spicks and specks, star trek, star trek voyager, star trek: tng, star trek: voyager, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, supernatural, susan foreman, swedish chef, sweetums, tegan jovanka, thank god you're here, the doctor's companions, the magnificient seven, the muppet show, the muppets, the nerd herd, the panel, the sentinel, the west wing, v, vislor turlough, vulcan, water rats, working dog productions, zelenka
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