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Stargate: Exodus by C L Combs

MacGyver-Stargate SG-1

Summary: This story picks-up at the beginning of Stargate: SG-1's eighth season. The use of the ancient weapon has had more of an effect on Earth than expected.

 And the sequel

Building The First Wave by C L Combs

Diagnosis Murder-Charmed-CSI-MacGyver-Stargate: SG-1

Summary: MacGyver and friends prepare to set up a new colony.

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Changing The Death Toll by PaBurke

BTVS-SG1-Star Wars

Starts in the Jedi Temple during the Purge: First Mini!Jack and Buffy have to save the younglings and then they have to keep them alive...

1. Changing The Death Toll
"Save the Children, get them out of here."
Wormhole Crossing -

2. Live In This World, Year Zero - WIP
Clone!Jack, Buffy and 25 kids have crash-landed on Yavin 4.
Wormhole Crossing -

3. Snapshots - WIP
Clone!Jack, Buffy and 25 kids have crash-landed on Yavin 4. If a good photograph is worth a thousand words, than is a thousand words worth a good picture? A collection of shorts that could have happened on Yavin 4 but clutter up the plot line.
Wormhole Crossing -
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Fic Rec
SG-1 - SGA

The Young Ancients by C L Combs
When Sheppard and McKay are abducted hours before O'Neill and company arrive to tour Atlantis, will they escape before Teyla and SG-1 find them?

Fic Rec

Sep. 27th, 2006 10:09 pm
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A Year In The Life by Lisa Roquin

BTVS-SG-1 crossover

Loki didn't stop at a clone of Jack O'Neill. He went on to create four children with cloning technology and the DNA of SG-1 and Janet Frasier.

In fact he didn't even start there. 20 odd years ago he experimented with artificial insemination trying to get the right combination of genetics. That resulted in one Alexander Harris.


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